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     The Knowledge Net is a programmatic extension of our parent organization - The Prostate Net ( - which has been for the past 11 years engaged in empowering consumers, patients, survivors and their families and caregivers through education and information to make the appropriate decisions relative to prostate cancer.

      As we have expanded the scope of our service matrix, driven by the impact of diversity - be it based on Information, Lack of Access to Care, Socio-economics or Race/Ethnicity - we have utilized a range of traditional and leading edge tools to implement our programs.

      Coupled with this has been our vision of integrating value deliverables that benefit all stakeholders in the community who are part of our programs. This site has been designed to provide you with some of those tools and guidance that can be employed on a local basis to address particular issues for your community or organization.

      Additionally, we can customize a program for you that can meet your needs in funding, research, program development, etc. Contact us to discuss your requirements and objectives.