The greatest ideas become reality only with the proper, and necessary, influx of funds to implement the plans. Apart from seeking funding it is equally important to determine the type of funds to request, the source to which you make the request, meeting the criteria of the funding organization and the business structure that you set for yourself.

The major categories of funders will fall into the following:
  • Government: Federal, State and local
  • Foundations: private and corporate
  • Corporations: Public, Private and non-profit
  • Charities
  • Private individuals or affinity groups
Your initial search should focus on your own business objectives, corporate structure and how they might match with the stakes that each of the above sectors hold within your service region as well as with the objectives/parameters of each funding group.

Some good places to start are:

The Foundation Center
Charity Advantage
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Federal Government Grant Opportunities