Dr. Arnon Krongrad speaks about the laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, its benefits, and the key things that the patient should discuss with his doctor. Dr. Krongrad is a noted pioneer in laparoscopic surgeries and his commentary is a "Must Hear". Additional information on the subject can be found on Dr. Krongrad's Website - http://www.laprp.com - as well in The Prostate Net's newsletter archives at: http://www.theprostatenet.org/intheknow2007aug.pdf

The Importance of HIV Screening - Listen to Dr. Bernard Branson speak on the subject of a critical new health disparity. To listen just click on the link.

Hear Dr. Catalona talk about this important new PSA standard in the management of the disease. - Podcast for The Catalona Project

"Recognizing that a barber is often someone with whom men talk about anything, Virgil has a hunch that barbers would be ideal agents in a word of mouth campaign. Virgil's hunch paid off."
WOMMA Podcast - 2005
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